stuck in the secondary

The past few months I have been at home. Letting the Lord grow this baby inside me and taking on a more proactive role in running our household.

Just like anything this off time has it’s pros and cons. I have plenty of time  which has been used either to feel sorry for myself that I am not out living some grand adventure or to really DIG IN to scripture and learn to live in awe of this grand adventure as a daughter of the King that I actually am on…thankfully the days filled with the latter outweigh the former.

The word has come ALIVE to me in this season. Why now? Why do I suddenly hunger and thirst for more of it? Because I’m reading it.

Ironic? The more I GET by really studying and meditating and taking TIME, the more I WANT. It’s such a no brainer, and yet so profound. God really does know me and want me to know more of Him and He WILL reveal Himself through His word. The catch is I have to BE IN IT! duh.

A girlfriend I met at church here in Valdez and I would go on regular coffee dates almost since we moved here last January. We’d mostly vent to each other and then offer some encouragement for whatever crisis what currently taking over most of our brain capacity that week. We both longer for great fellowship and to get back into studying the Word. So we started meeting at her house on Tuesday mornings and decided to read through 1 Corinthians together instead of just venting:) Whoa. What a difference.

Not one week later we had grown from the two of us to 5 of us women. With each new addition our individual eagerness to glean something from these Tuesday mornings really grew. Now every Tuesday at 10, we all come on time, we all ask for prayer, we remember what the others had asked for last week and genuinely want to know how God is working in each other’s lives. We all do outside reading and studying of the agreed on chapters so our discussion can be more than just speculation and opinion based. It’s so refreshing.

And it’s hilarious that I’m so surprised by this development in my life- By this group of young women who really don’t have much in common besides the primary thing. I have had this before. I have LIVED this before. But it’s been about 5 years and it’s a much different context than a dorm full of best friends who not only read together but eat, sleep, dream, study, laugh and cry together too. I spent the first 2 years of our marriage really mourning the loss of community I had with my besties and roommates who really are my sisters in Christ. It had a lot to do with the fact that I transferred colleges to finish up at the University of Alaska and get married in the meantime. My husband was now my live in community and whoa was that a change. But it was so purposeful. Leave and cleave. It was harder for me, but now we both see the immeasurable value of literally moving away from all of our friends and family to a small Alaskan village to learn how to be married. That was such a tumultuous season, but so necessary.

Now, in our 4th year of our still imperfect but now solid (PRAISE THE LORD) marriage I have been blessed with female community again. Not the live in kind (gosh I still miss them) that knows immediately if I get a zit, that shares groceries but makes me buy my own jar of peanut butter, and knows first hand my guilty pleasure of sleeping 10 hours a night. But the adult kind that knows what I mean when I say meal planning on Monday morning has changed my life. It’s a new season and the Lord has brought along new friends for a new time.

But the POINT IS whether it is for a grade in Exodus/Deuteronomy class sitting beside my roommate in front of Dr. Yarchin, or whether it is to have something to share around the coffee table with the ladies on Tuesday morning- studying the word in community is the kind of accountability that I need.

It’s given me a renewed excitement for the text, a renewed surprise for the constant application it has for my life, a renewed JOY at the guidelines for living God’s way.


And it literally brings me to tears what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me about that desire. That THIS is what this time off was about all along. THIS is the preparation I need before becoming a mother. The do-to lists before baby comes on Pinterest are NOTHING compared to the preparation of the heart that the Lord is working in me through this time of study.

Because more than being the mom who has all the answers, who has it all together, I want to be the mom on her knees before the living God day after day after day running the race for an imperishable crown (1 Cor. 9:25)

Because even this profound new role of mother is SECONDARY.

I am first, and foremost a child of God set on this earth to bring glory to HIM by becoming a partaker in HIS gospel (1 Cor. 23).

As Paul answers the Corinthians urgent questions of circumcision (1 Cor. 7:19), of the eating of idol meat (1 Cor. 8), and marriage (1 Cor. 7), he does have answers that helped guide them in the direction of God’s will but the overall theme is clear- these aspects of life are ALL secondary.

The SECONDARY question should be- should I get married?

The PRIMARY questions should be- how can I honor God in my earthly relationships?

The SECONDARY question- Do I buy the Chicco key fit carseat or the Graco snug ride?

The PRIMARY– Am I living as an obedient daughter of the Lord so that even from an infant my child will learn from my example?

And so my prayer in this season of life is that I would be no longer STUCK in the SECONDARY.

That I might be so in tune with the Holy Spirit in me through the spending of TIME in His Word, that I might start to live with the PRIMARY in mind. That I might care more about the spiritual growth of my child than his or her worldly performance, and on and on.

God reveal to me the areas in my life where I put primary what you put secondary so that I might live in greater communion with you…

That I might “run in such a way, as not without aim; box in such a way, as not beating the air; but (that I might) discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others (after I have lived out my life in this secondary realm with YOUR primary focus), I myself will not be disqualified.” 1 Cor. 9:26-27

There is SO much more. Take me deeper in. 

Time Is Love

My husband is obsessed with TIME.

I’m the type that is consistently 5 mins late. Totally acceptable and even expected by today’s standards right?

Well not by Tyler’s standards. But that’s typical given he’s hilariously type A. He grew up with the idea that being late is rude and personally offensive to the person/event you’re meeting/attending. I admire that in our young American social culture in which being the first one there means you must have no life.

I think this a lot- my husband belongs in another era. Maybe the 1980’s for his taste in music.

His first truck he named Suzanne. after the Journey song.

Maybe he belongs sometime in the 1800’s moving West America scene for his fearless love of the wilderness.

Or maybe he belongs back in 1519 as Martin Luther‘s sidekick sticking it to the corrupt Catholic Church and showing the world what the Bible was really about.

He at least belongs in a time when they cared about being on time.

Tyler’s been a good influence on me in the time department. So it made me laugh out loud today when he held me close at my lunch break and wouldn’t let me go even when I became dangerously close to being late for work.

Just sit down next to me – he pulled me in close – I want to play you a song.

“Time is love, gotta run. Love to hang longer but I got someone who waits, waits for me and right now She’s where I need to be.”

We cuddled and kissed and laughed and decided Tyler sounds more like Toby Keith than Josh Turner. I remembered the clock: 5 mins late already. I ran out the door and then it just HIT me. Time is love. duh.

So I ran back in and kissed him one more time real slowww. Then ran back out.

You know, our world is so fast paced. And we’re always complaining about it. Even living in a village of 800 people (Hoonah, AK more on that later…) I still feel like life goes by too fast. So we claimed that moment today at lunch. We claimed it for ourselves- because still being wedlynews we can’t (usually) get enough of each other. But I hope and pray this can be practice for the days we have had ENOUGH of each other. For the days when we’re worn down by living and worn out from life.

Mr. C married us on May 19, 2012. He was Tyler’s high school mentor whose influence literally shaped who my husband is today.

This was a piece of his advice during our premarital counseling: Sit down and TALK with your spouse for at least 10 mins everyday.

(Not about finances, kids, or the daily schedule) Talk with each other about each other for a consistent amount of time everyday and don’t skip one day ever. -He never claimed this was the magic potion for keeping a marriage together, but it still sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

We haven’t even come close to needing this reminder- yet. But I’ll save that bit of advice here for the years to come.

Today Tyler’s little act of pulling up Josh Turner’s song and making me late for work, despite his usual insistence that I be on time, showed me something. Intentional moments, when someone specifically makes you their top priority, makes one feel valued, loved, cherished.

Today that one was me.

So whatever era Tyler should have been born into, today I’m just thankful that we were born into the same one. Our time.

and heck I’m thankful for this song. What a catchy reminder.

Time is love– thanks Josh Turner.

Who will you prioritize this Valentine’s Day? Whether you like it or not it’s the day people celebrate love- but don’t worry the best gift (just like most of the ones that count) is free. Your time is love.