Created to be His Help Meet

back in JANUARYISH 2012

I was about to be a new bride. I was about to become the wife of the most passionate person I had ever met and I was


He had a past. We all do, but he had an unfair disadvantage to life even before he came into the world. His parent’s marriage was built on the lies of his father. And after he was born things went from bad to worse as they say.

He was damaged. I was innocent.

He wasn’t satisfied with shallow. I wasn’t inclined to work for deep.

His life was hard. Mine was easy. Life with him would be hard. Was I ready to give up my easy?

I love my parents and I admire their 25+ years of faithful marriage, but Tyler added a whole new dimension to my world- his take on the Christian life matched his intensity as a person. He couldn’t/can’t be luke warm. EVER. He’s hot or cold, one or the other, ALL THE TIME. And I was scared to jump in as his wife- for good reason…

(at least I was taking the idea of a marital vow before God seriously)

Enter Mr. & Mrs. B. Newly weds, a few years older than us, just as committed to living out a biblical marriage as “We” were. (We weren’t we yet and it was mostly Tyler who knew what “we” wanted in a marriage. I was actually pretty clueless.) Tyler knew them previously, but now they were married and super stoked to pass on everything they were learning about living a biblical marriage today.

Mrs. B was awesome. I really had never met anyone like her. She was totally open about intimate marriage issues like sex, addictions, physical intimacy before marriage, and past relationship problems affecting the marriage relationship. She was a wealth of needed information.

Thank you Mrs. B. I want to be a friend like you.

All that to say- Mrs. B gave me this book. And it helped me IMMENSELY as I tried to figure out who this guy was I was marrying and HOW to be HIS wife according to the standards presented in the bible.

Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl

I am so thankful that my friend shared this book with me even before I was married because it acknowledges HUGE points of misconception we women have today about what it means to be a wife. Words like HELP MEET, SUBMISSIVENESS, RESPECT, SOBRIETY, DISCREET, CHASTE, KEEPERS AT HOME, AND OBEDIENT are biblical and yet for so many Christian women they sound the alarm to “stand up for our rights” “be independent” and “answer to no one but ourselves” as the feminists of previous generations have drilled into our brains. This book gives an unapologetic and straightforward answer to how to be a biblical wife in today’s world by getting back to what it means to be a HELP MEET and consequently how to have a joyful and satisfying marriage. What Christian wife wouldn’t want those things?