After being married for a year and 8 months there are days I feel like we’ve been together


and yet I know we’re still just wedlynews. New to the wedded business. There are so many women blogging about being wives, being Christians, keeping a home, starting a family…and on and on. I don’t pretend like I have anything particularly NEW to offer.

But what I do have is a story all my own, somehow God keeps on creating unique people one after the other and no two are exactly alike- snowflake people. Being married to my particular husband inevitably creates story after story after story- some of them worth repeating.

May 2013 Juneau, AK

May 2013
Juneau, AK

This blog is dedicated to our- only God knows them so far- children. So they can know what it was like being married to their father back in the olden days and some of the issues we faced in our day. But even more importantly (and hopefully) these thoughts and stories shared will show the eventual kiddies, or someone totally random, God’s work in our lives and in our corner of the world.

May HE be glorified in the telling.