Time Is Love

My husband is obsessed with TIME.

I’m the type that is consistently 5 mins late. Totally acceptable and even expected by today’s standards right?

Well not by Tyler’s standards. But that’s typical given he’s hilariously type A. He grew up with the idea that being late is rude and personally offensive to the person/event you’re meeting/attending. I admire that in our young American social culture in which being the first one there means you must have no life.

I think this a lot- my husband belongs in another era. Maybe the 1980’s for his taste in music.

His first truck he named Suzanne. after the Journey song.

Maybe he belongs sometime in the 1800’s moving West America scene for his fearless love of the wilderness.

Or maybe he belongs back in 1519 as Martin Luther‘s sidekick sticking it to the corrupt Catholic Church and showing the world what the Bible was really about.

He at least belongs in a time when they cared about being on time.

Tyler’s been a good influence on me in the time department. So it made me laugh out loud today when he held me close at my lunch break and wouldn’t let me go even when I became dangerously close to being late for work.

Just sit down next to me – he pulled me in close – I want to play you a song.

“Time is love, gotta run. Love to hang longer but I got someone who waits, waits for me and right now She’s where I need to be.”

We cuddled and kissed and laughed and decided Tyler sounds more like Toby Keith than Josh Turner. I remembered the clock: 5 mins late already. I ran out the door and then it just HIT me. Time is love. duh.

So I ran back in and kissed him one more time real slowww. Then ran back out.

You know, our world is so fast paced. And we’re always complaining about it. Even living in a village of 800 people (Hoonah, AK more on that later…) I still feel like life goes by too fast. So we claimed that moment today at lunch. We claimed it for ourselves- because still being wedlynews we can’t (usually) get enough of each other. But I hope and pray this can be practice for the days we have had ENOUGH of each other. For the days when we’re worn down by living and worn out from life.

Mr. C married us on May 19, 2012. He was Tyler’s high school mentor whose influence literally shaped who my husband is today.

This was a piece of his advice during our premarital counseling: Sit down and TALK with your spouse for at least 10 mins everyday.

(Not about finances, kids, or the daily schedule) Talk with each other about each other for a consistent amount of time everyday and don’t skip one day ever. -He never claimed this was the magic potion for keeping a marriage together, but it still sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

We haven’t even come close to needing this reminder- yet. But I’ll save that bit of advice here for the years to come.

Today Tyler’s little act of pulling up Josh Turner’s song and making me late for work, despite his usual insistence that I be on time, showed me something. Intentional moments, when someone specifically makes you their top priority, makes one feel valued, loved, cherished.

Today that one was me.

So whatever era Tyler should have been born into, today I’m just thankful that we were born into the same one. Our time.

and heck I’m thankful for this song. What a catchy reminder.

Time is love– thanks Josh Turner.

Who will you prioritize this Valentine’s Day? Whether you like it or not it’s the day people celebrate love- but don’t worry the best gift (just like most of the ones that count) is free. Your time is love.

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